Yin and Yang


If you haven’t already noticed, the Taegeuk found in the South Korean flag show is actually adapted from Korean Taoism values, inspired by the duality of the Yin and Yang, both different in their own way, but part of a oneness. Each side is mutually interconnected or interdependent to each other, and it is believed that the system in which they are part of cannot function if either side ceases to exist, or if the status quo is at disequilibrium.

When I see the South Korean Taegeuk, I see the blue side which is the democratic South Korea and the red side which represents the communist North Korea. I love the depiction of duality through the yin and yang principle, and its emphasis on harmony and cooperation. While the current system is at disequilibrium right now with the two Koreas separated, I hope that the status quo will be at equilibrium soon with Korea’s unification.