Turned against each other


It is a well-established fact of the deep-seated animosity between North and South Korea. Due to irreconcilableĀ differences, and the North and South being unable to see eye to eye on crucial issues, the once unified Korea has remained separated for more than fifty years. And as long as they are unwilling/unable to solve their differences, it seems like the two Koreas will continue to have their backs turned to each other, until one decides to reach out and be willing to accomodate to the other first.


Infinitely bound


While incorporating the flags of the two Koreas into my drawings, I found myself wondering how a unified Korea flag would look like. As I studied the two flags, I realized that there was similarity between the two flags, in terms of the colors primarily used i.e. blue and red. And as I was looking at the taeguk (“yin and yang” inspired) symbol, an image of an infinity symbol suddenly came to my mind. Through this drawing, I wish to express the idea that North Korea and South Korea are more similar than they are different, infinitely bound to each other despite their differing ideologies and cultures.