(South Korea) and the Pea


I don’t know how many of you are familiar with this popular fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, but it is a story that I grew up with. “The Princess and the Pea” is a tale of a prince who is searching for a suitable wife, and the queen, wanting to test and confirm the royal identity of his potential wife resorts to testing her physical sensitivity by placing a pea under a high mound of mattresses and feather-beds. The test is deemed successful, if the lady is able to feel discomfort due to the pea.

This particular story seemed to resonate a chord with me with regards to the current issue between North and South Korea. According to the results of a recent poll I read sometime back, it seems like the number of South Korean youths seem to regard the issue of Korean Unification with less and less importance as compared to other issues that were deemed more ‘pressing’ such as getting into college and so on. I wanted to depict the idea that while South Koreans may be busy trying to stack up on their material comforts, in hope of attaining a higher satisfaction of living, they will never be completely feel comfortable as long as there is the issue of Korea being divided. They may choose to conveniently neglect the issue of Korean Unification, but they’ll never be able to forget or disregard it completely.




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Currently living and pursuing my undergraduate studies in South Korea.

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