Idol worship


Idol worship is common in many parts of the world in countries like India and China. Idols usually take the form of deities or gods and goddesses, are revered in mythical folklore, and are very much respected by many believers even up till today. In North Korea while there is no official religion, there is an official ideology known as ‘Juche’. In this ideology, the Kim family is very much revered by the people to the extent they are almost idolized. Citizens are required to bow down to these statues in public places as a form of respect, and failure to do so could result in imprisonment or face other forms of criminal charges. There is a cult-like personality surrounding the Kim family, and North Koreans have grown up with textbooks declaring the ‘great victories’ and powers of the Kim family, and how their lineage is even directly related to ‘Dangun’, who is known as the ‘grandson of heaven’.


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Currently living and pursuing my undergraduate studies in South Korea.

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