Copycat buildings


North Korea is infamously known for having copied these two buildings. The most obvious one is the ‘Arch of Triumph’ that is taken off the one found in Paris (Arc de Triomphe). What is different is that, it is taller, and is the second tallest arch in the world.

Standing at 105 storeys with 3000 rooms, the Ryugyong Hotel is the highest and biggest building in North Korea, but what is interesting about this particular building is the time taken for it to be completed. Construction began in 1987, and was finally finished almost 30 years later, with the primary reason for the delay being the lack of money and resources. Fans of the George Orwell’s dystopian novel will be delighted (or disturbed) to note that the Ryugyong Hotel bears much similaritiy with the Ministry of Truth, a fictatious building in the novel.



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Currently living and pursuing my undergraduate studies in South Korea.

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