Juche, more than an ideology?


Juche is said to be the political ideology of North Korea, in reality however, with Juche permeating almost every aspect of North Korean society, Juche seems to be more of a religion than anything. With approximately 25 million followers of this religion, this makes Juche the fifth largest religion in the world after Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

The Juche religion is modeled after Christianity. Instead of God the Father, the Juche religion worships Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s “Eternal President” and official head of state. The Juche religion teaches North Koreans that upon death, they will be reunited with Kim Il-sung and be with him forever.

Instead of God the Son, Juche worships Kim Il-sung’s son, Kim Jong-il, who until his own recent death, reigned as the surrogate of his dead father. And instead of God the Holy Spirit, Juche worships Kim Jong-soko, the mother of Kim Jong-il and the wife of Kim Il-sung.

Juche requires North Koreans to bow daily to the three Kims’ portraits, which must hang on the “best” wall of their homes, and neglecting proper care of the portraits is a capital crime. (Source: http://www.billionbibles.org/north-korea/juche-religion.html)


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Currently living and pursuing my undergraduate studies in South Korea.

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