English Unification Camp

It’s the summer holidays for the college students and since I’ll be here for the summer, I decided to make more productive use of my holidays.

Chanced upon this camp which I thought was especially meaningful, and relevant to my current work as an international student reporter for the Ministry of Unification. So far, I’ve spent most of my time researching about issues related to Korea’s unification, yet I realize that I have little interaction with North Korean defectors. Most of the information that I’ve acquired about North Korea were via internet sources. However, I strongly feel that if I wish to truly understand and emphathize with Korean unification, it was and is, undoubtedly crucial to interact with the North Koreans. In that way, I would be able to better understand the problems they are going through / went through, not just viewing their problems from a national level, but relating to them on an individual level too.

And so, I decided to sign up for this camp. This year will be the 9th English Unification Camp (제9회남북 청소년 영어통일캠프), and the theme for this year is “Mission Impossible”, A Repentant And Restored Nation. This camp is organized by a several host churches and the basis of this camp will be founded in the Christian faith. It is also funded by volunteers who pay to participate in the camp. 



Theme: Mission Possible

Date: July 25 – 29

Venue: Chungho HRD Institute (Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do)

Target students: 13-18 y/o (both North Korean and South Korean students)

Fee: 350,000 won

Homepage: http://www.hdschool.org/html/main.php


An excerpt from the Principal’s Greetings in the program booklet:

“Reunification Has Already Begun –

South Korean youth! Come meet and befriend our North Korean brothers and sisters! Let’s open our eyes. Let’s give a listening ear. Let’s begin to prepare. We need to have global leadership beginning with North Korea…

Here, we have set up a mini unification between North Koreans and South Koreans with the help of young Americans and second generation Korean-Americans dedicated to rebuilding our future through the English Unification Camp (EUC).

We will have approximately 40 dedicated native English speakers as well as 60 young adult leaders with the vision of reunification. As we all gather together, we will conduct our programs in English… ” (Executive Director, Im Hyang Ja)




  • A gathering of South and North Korean adolescents as well as Diaspora Koreans to experience Korean unity for 5 days. The hope of unification is already being realized and we wish to see it expand further.
  • Assisting North Korean youth defectors to adjust to a new life in South Korea
  • To provide an opportunity for Korean youth to learn about cultural differences, and to learn English led by native-English speakers
  • To cultivate the leadership of Korean youth mainly with regards to unification for Korea; this will be facilitated by lectures from professionals who specialize in North Korean issues and Korean unification, along with group discussions
  • To educate the students in order to prepare them for life after school, whether that be attending a university or entering a job field.
  • To show the love of God to the students in hopes of them fostering a personal relationship with the Lord.
  • To prepare the students to be leaders for unification between South and North Korea.


I have been assigned to be a team leader of a group of around 8-10 members, so in terms of interaction, I’ll definitely have that personal one-to-one interaction with my group members. I look forward to updating you all in my preparation for the camp, and my post-camp experience 🙂


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