North Korea activist NGOs

There are a few prominent activist organizations in South Korea, namely Fighters for a Free North Korea (FFNK), The Free North Korea Radio and North Korea Liberation Front.

  1. Fighters for a Free North Korea (FFNK)
  • What: An organization
  • Who: Made up of North Korean defectors and refugees
  • Leader: Park Sang-hak
  • Aim / Motive: To destablize current Kim regime / Regime change
  • Approach: Balloon drops containing carrying human rights and pro-democracy literature / propagnada leaflets and USB flash drives into North Korea
  • Partner(s): Human Rights Foundation, North Korea Intellectual Solidarity

2. Free North Korea Radio (자유북한방송 Jayu Bukhan Bangsong)


  • What: An independent radio broadcaster based in South Korea
  • Who: Run primarily by North Korean refugees and defectors
  • Leader:
  • Aim / Motive: To overthrow the North Korean government, regime change
  • Approach: Provide information critical of the Government of North Korea to the general population inside North Korea 
  • Partner(s): North Korean People’s Liberation Front (NKPLF)
  • Website:

3. North Korean People’s Liberation Front (NKPLF)   (북한 인민해방전선) 


  • What: A militant paramilitary North Korean defectors’ organization based in South Korea
  • Who: Formed by former defecting members of the Korean People’s Army (조선인민군), the military defense forces of North Korea;
  • Leader: Choi Jung-hoon
  • Aim / Motive: To overthrow the North Korean government, replacing the Kim regime with a democratic government
  • Approach: Information warfare (balloon drops), smuggling various kinds of media and information in and out of North Korea
  • Partner(s): Free North Korea Radio
  • Website:

To have a better idea and picture of what these activists do, watch this video titled “Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang”. This video covers all the activists and activist organizations mentioned above:


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