Ministry of Unification (MOU): Unification Expo

I’m currently an international student reporter working for the Ministry of Unification (MOU). Prior to this, I had little knowledge of this ministry in South Korea. I didn’t even expect that there would be a ministry created just for the sole purpose of unification.

I am sure that there are other foreigners like me who aren’t aware of this particular ministry in South Korea. As such,  I am going to go more in depth about the history of MOU, its structure and division of functions in this post.

The Ministry of Unification was officially set up on 1 March 1969 as a government body to address issues pertaining to inter-Korean relations and unification.  It is run by Minister Hong Yong-pyo, and Vice-Minister Hwang Boogi. Under its unification policy, administrative tasks include normalizing inter-Korean relations, achieving unification and preparing for unification. Some of the inter-korean policy issues cover trade and economic cooperation, North Korean Refugees & Resettlement, Humanitarian Assistance and North Korea Human Rights. For more details on the role of the Ministry of Unification and its activities, visit its site:

The MOU has been running the Unification Expo since 2015, with this year being its second. The Unification Expo aims to increase the public’s interest and awareness of the importance of unification between the two Koreas. This year’s Expo was held from 27-29 May 2016 at Gwanghwamun Plaza, with activities like a walkathon and games. Food booths were also set up with booths such as ‘North Korea Street Food’ (북한 길거리 음식)selling tofu rice (두부밥) and “Pyongyang Coffee” (평양커피). There was also a food truck (탈북민 푸드트럭) manned by North Korean defectors selling items like shaved ice (빙수) and cup chicken (컵치킨).

Promoting the Unification Expo 2016 by the Ministry of Unification
Pyongyang Coffee

To find out more about the Unification Expo , go to





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