Goseong (III)

During my stay in Goseong, I visited the Inter-Korean Transit Office (Donghae Line) as well. This office was active during the running of Mt. Geumgang tours with the Geumgang resort receiving about 400,000 visitors per year until July 2008. The tours to Geumgang ceased with the shooting of Park Wang-ja, a South Korean tourist, when she unintentionally crossed to a prohibited area and was shot by a North Korean guard. Calls for a joint-Korean investigation of the shooting were made, however due to the lack of cooperation from the DPRK side, tours were never resumed.

At the entrance of Donghae Highway Transit Office

Through the Geumgang project, the North has benefited much from it economically, and since the ceasing of tours, it has suffered losses of more than US$900million.

The next monumental economic partnership after the Geumgang project was the Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC) in 2004. Unfortunately, this project has fallen through too with the closing down of the KIC earlier this year in February.

If you wish to know more about the Mt. Geumgang tours, you can go visit its website at https://www.mtkumgang.com/eng/main.jsp


Jejin station in South Korea. The next stop Gamho will bring you into North Korea
The empty train tracks. Will there come a day where these tracks have trains running on them again?

The first time North and South Korean trains crossed the Inter-Korean or the DMZ border was in 17 May 2007, 56 years after the Korean War. Some of the distinguished South Korean passengers included former Unification Ministers like Lee Jong-seok and Lim Dong-won, the main architect of the ‘sunshine’ policy.





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